• Oh dear, I wonder when Wales on Liar will turn this story into a recurring story and a colour supplement in the printed edition to show the horrendous injuries, or then again they may just bury this story

  • Where are the game predictions?
    Ponty 27 Cardiff23; Diff 4; H/T P10 C 12; Total tries 6 Ponty tries 4; First Ponty try Gary Williams Last Ponty try Diggy Bird; Pens 4; Yells 2; GB Diggy Bird; Joker No.
    I hope this reaches you by some chance Hoppy, I know it's not your fault but I'm getting pretty frustrated with this setup.

  • There’s a thread under the rugby theme Neal. Like you I was getting in a right muddle but top tip is to just stick to ‘recent discussions’ (below) and thus you don’t miss a thing - but like the old forum.

  • Sorry, but I can't find the predictions thread; it seems to have disappeared, and I'm losing patience. I'm about to give up with using this site, though not with the team of course.

  • Neal I think you need to log in everytime when using your mobile. But I will always use the Rugby section

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