Today's BIC

I see that the Blues gave a good account of representing our region in today's BIC game against Doncaster. They lost 70-12. I'll be glad when this farcical tournament is wound up as a complete failure.


  • And the Club expects us to pitch up next week to support, that lot ,I will never be a Blue, however I will be there to see my Club play on the 23 DECEMBER against that lot, until we get proper Regions I will not support something I am 100% against.

  • The club doesn't expect you to pitch up next week to watch the plastic A team at all. However, the club does keep the gate money which is needed, after some clown nearly bankrupted the club.

  • I will prob go and watch to do two things...
    1) put money behind the bar
    2) watch a former player get motm and prob score over 20 points some in Humberstone.

  • I have posted before everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I cannot support anything that wants to destroy MY CLUB, yes the Club I have an affinity too, not a plaything for Mr P Thomas who I, have always believed has coveted the C.A.P site for financial reasons.

  • Typical of the Welsh press, the blouses select (plastic A team) get thrashed 70-12 by Doncaster and not a mention. Can you imagine if Ponty had been beaten by that amount, it would have been a double page spread in the Western Fail. There is only one word to describe the Welsh press and upper echelons of Welsh rugby at the moment, and that is "pathetic".

  • It will be worse for us when next season gets announced and we are not in the prem

  • Interview with Humberstone saying shame it’s not a game v Ponty... (1:05)

  • first season they chucked us out they wore a proper PS shirt but looking at this video, they are just wearing the blues kit.

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