Kit for 2019/20

Did I miss an announcement about new kit, or is there nothing to report? Ta


  • edited August 2019

    Middle of September I was told by the shop for the supporters kit.

  • I would like to see the team wearing it v Cardiff game.

  • Surprised kit not sorted yet.
    Could have sold some at the 7s and friendlies imo.
    Interesting to see what we wear a week Friday at league kick iff.

  • I wonder who was in charge of ordering

  • Why are we having a new kit again, by my reckoning we've had a new kit every season now for years

  • Sponsorship to be maximised I guess. Also it seems the norm now to have new kit each Season for those who want to buy replica kit.
    Not interested personally but I am sure many are.

  • I wouldn't mind betting that the replica kit and merchandise is also on the hit list for the Executive Board. Give credit where it's due, the clubhouse has been refreshed, Guto is back on board, the commercial/sponsorship side is seeing changes, so I assume that on the long list of things to do the replica kit etc might also see some changes.

  • Agree the Exec Board have tackled some key issues already.
    There are quite a few more to be dealt with but I am sure they are on the case.

  • No doubt Emma would have sorted this before her departure as she was always in charge of this and has done a fantastic job over the years.

  • You know nothing mate.

  • She got a lot of new sponsorship during her time with the club, i guess maybe lately things weren't going to good but overall she done a good job, a lot of people got short memories

  • How’s that Paul? Charming comment by the way! @PaulGage said:

    You know nothing mate.

  • Absolutely loving them!!

  • That’s a cracker fair play. Hope the kit is as good next year without Emma’s involvement.

  • Best looking kit for many years!
    Looks like Ponty!

  • Kit has been late many times before but here at last for the first home game

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