Another Money Making Idea, #752

Maybe I'm silly, but I think it might help us raise funds if there were 15 second video adverts we could share on FB, Twitter, etc., featuring Daf, Dico, Baz, Chief, Jinks, Ceri, Bob Penberthy, etc., asking for support for the club.

A huge number of supporters have been doing all they can to help, aside from robbing a bank. It would be nice to have some players and former players help out.

Just a thought. Could probably make some very moving videos with them, and the badge, that might help some folks part with some paper money.

outsidethebox ;)


  • Well said Bert. Ponty TV seems to be non existent now and could be a possible channel for this.
    I agree the fans are fantastic in fundraising in many ways but in terms of interviews all we have id Ioan Diers excellent freelance work these days.

  • edited May 2019

    Another idea is open the clubhouse a bit more, not many places got BT Sport in Pontypridd and I’m sure we could get more people if they open the clubhouse and let people know when it’s open

    Merlin is closed at the moment why not

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