No dogs or communication allowed

So I walked all the way to the ground with my dog to be told I couldn't come in by the pitbull bucket collecting as dogs are no longer allowed. The communication at this club is terrible and the attitude on people are worse, no wonder we are financially struggling. my wife offered to come get the dog so I could still attend but I'll go somewhere more welcoming. Theres a way to speak to people, volunteers or not.


  • Chan, that's no way to dismiss someone who has followed Ponty home and away for over 15 years. When was the No Digs Allowed rule put in force? I don't recall reading about on the web nor have I seen posters on the approach to the ground. I can't comment on how the stewards advised Fitzy but the lack of information is poor.
    I don't know you I don't recognise your name suffice to say.. bye

  • I have been allowed to take my Springer Spaniel
    Into Sardis Road on a leash!

  • Saw a couple of dogs in there last night, I reckon they just didn’t like the look of Fitzy

  • Yeah, they could have just let the dog in. Unfair to spoil his day just because Fitz turned up with him, hasn't he suffered enough already?

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