Those who have moved abroad

Hi all, I’m now living in Florida since may this year and it’s taken me months to be able to watch s4c games live on the internet, it’s been very frustrating getting scores from the premiership, only by means of FlashScores which is awesome but like to see live games. Anyone in a similar situation abroad please get in touch and see what platform you use to watch Pontypridd and the upcoming 6 nations.
Regards Tony from Porth


  • The upcoming game....Them who’s name shall not be mentioned down the road v The Pont is live on bbc, how do I watch in USA, I know there are VPN’s which most of the time don’t work, I can get s4c with a delay of 30 seconds but bbc I can’t, so your mission fellow fans and I know you won’t let me down is to help a fellow Ponty supporter stranded in this sunshine state (miss the rhondda grey (not). Miss the mountains and on the 22 in the shed shouting “he’s holding on ref” yes that was me....please as good welsh citizens and house of pain stalwarts help me out before Tuesday!
    P.s Thanx in advance......come on the’s just as important as wales beating eng... to beat those down the road!

  • Internet says you will have to use a VPN. The ones suggested re NordVPN or Hidden24. They should allow you access to BBC Iplayer. Good luck!

  • I use NowTV which is free in Spain and gives me a good UK coverage.

  • My son lives in San Francisco Tony and when visiting I used Tunnel Bear to watch UK TV.

  • I’ve used but you must be running a vpn to access it. Good luck

  • Tony spoke to my son in San Fran and he said that a lot of the brits are using Express VPN. Hope this helps. Lucky if you missed the game today we were poor !

  • We have a community satellite dish in Torrevieja,Costa blanca and I can receive all Ponty"s games and all the Welsh games on the normal service,never failed to be honest. S4C ,BBC etc. > @Pontyman said:

    I use NowTV which is free in Spain and gives me a good UK coverage.

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