A question really, where are all the fans that used to use the old forum? There only seems to be a handfull who are coming onto this site.


  • It,s like wading through treacle, I think the first rule of good design has been forgotten...... Simplicity. This site, to my mind, is more style over function.

  • How would anyone know the forum exists. There is no link on the ponty.net site. I only found the link on the twitter feed.

  • In fairness since the forum has been launched we have hardly played.
    Very little news, as the club is essentially having a 3 week break. Things will pick up in November.

  • Have to agree with the style over substance comment above, it's the type of website that is an easy sell to committee members etc. cos it looks a million dollars, it is a great marketing tool for the club. However for people who want to read news items keep up to date etc. it offers a worse experience than the old site.

  • I completely agree 100%

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