Regional Rugby

I know many on the forum aren't fans of Regional Rugby, but this latest blog from VietGwent is a must read for anyone who cares about the professional game, not just in Wales, but as a warning to those Super Clubs financially dominating English and French Rugby should their benefactors financial support start to fade


  • Succinct and stringent analysis as always by VG!

  • Brilliant article about that hideous person! Fabulous unearthing of the original 17th Century quote and it's re-use in the mid 19th Century too, in years to come VietGwent may become the third historical character to be associated with its re-use!

    Peter Thomas a personal rugby tragedy - 'but in the name of god, go!'

    I have unearthed a potential song ('Mr Heartache' by Cats in Space) that could be played at Sardis in the warm up to matches over the PA. The last two lines in the lyrics being a particularly suitable reference for Peter Thomas, Dickie Dutch, Gareth Davies, Rob Howley and a few others besides:

  • Great article. The future of Welsh Rugby is at stake once again. He should go, and take the Blues with him. Then maybe, just maybe we could invest in a 'new' region that valleys supporters would buy into. I live in hope but not expectancy.

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