Are the stars aligning for a 6N expansion?


it's the fact that the AP and the T14 clubs keep having more and more money, which is not really true for the Pro12 clubs and the celtalians will keep getting raided by the much richer French and English clubs, which will threaten the viability of the Pro12 even more. The Celts keep dreaming about having a British and Irish championship so that they can suckle at the English market tit, but that's not going to happen, because there's no reason why the English clubs would agree to that. My point here is that the Celts will have serious issues keeping their players in the Pro12 and they will have to find more ways to get money, and there's no better way to do that than to expand the 6N, which might make them push for expansion.

What do you guys think? Will everything about the NH-SH conflict be figured out in a satisfying way for everyone? Will the Celts manage to hold on to their players by finding some alternative revenue streams? Do you think they won't have to do that, because the AP/T14 have reached some sort of ceiling for their revenue growth?

Please help.


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