Bernard Jones

It has come to my notice that Bernard Jones the founder of Just Rentals has passed away at the age of 75. I think it is fitting that he deserves a mention for his involvement in the history of our club.

Just Rentals became the club sponsors in the 1991-92 season, and played a major role in the history of Pontypridd until the advent of regional rugby. Managing Director Bernard Jones was a Rhondda man who believed in putting something back into the valleys. Without their involvement it would have been very difficult for Pontypridd to have stayed at the top.

I`m sure all supporters who supported Pontypridd during that time and have many happy memories of the professional era would extend their sympathy to the family of Bernard Jones.


  • Yes, well said, a great Rugby man who put money into community Rugby for the benefit of all, and not for personal benefit or to seek the limelight

  • Agree with the sentiments above. RIP Bernard.

  • 100% agree. A great friend of Ponty rugby. RIP Bernard. Thank you and deepest condolences to the family.

  • Thank you for starting this thread Dai_agra!!!

    RIP Bernard! What a contribution you and Just Rentals made to what was our first Golden Era in the professional age. I still haven't given up on a second Golden Era for 'Mid Glamorgan' Valleys Rugby in the professional age centred around Sardis Road, Ponty RFC, Coleg Y Cymoedd, USW et. al.

    Obviously the evil, selfish and allegedly corrupt (according to many in the know) 'Piemen' with their 'Maldwyn' cronies at the WRU will see things differently!

    Condolences to all Bernard Jones family and friends!

  • yes, a very cleaver man and genuinely beleived in giving back . RIP

    oh , now theres a idea, a mid glamorgan region !

  • Thanks to all who responded so positively to the thread on Bernard Jones..Really appreciated .Forgive if i am wrong but i didn`t notice any official tribute from Ponty rugby which is disappointing. However i did notice a trubute from Peter Thomas on the Cardiff Blues website.Ironic to say the least.

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